Top JavaScript Books of All-Time

The Best Books on Javascript

5. Pro JavaScript Techniques by John Resig. John’s jQuery library is a thing of absolute beauty—the source is an example of javascript’s utter sexiness. Now, as a whole I found this book a bit disjointed, nevertheless it’s recommend because it attempts to tackle difficult subject matters like closures and event handling, and does so in an accessible way, for the novice transitioning to advanced javascript.

4. Dom Scripting by Jeremy Keith: Jeremy provides a nice introduction for the beginning web developer with no background in javascript. Published by Friends of ED, it’s like reading the USA Today—fun and light!

3. Professional JavaScript for Web Developers by Nicholas Zakas. Zakas is an excellent developer and provides an exhaustive introduction to the javascript programming language. While his book is a few years old, it’s still a reliable starting point. (More, an update is in the wroxs—uggh, forgive me!)

2. Pro JavaScript Design Patterns by Dustin Diaz and Ross Harmes. The Gang of Four has become the Gang of Two! Dustin’s an excellent communicator, his personal weblog is a staple for those desiring to learn javascript, and Ross is a worthwhile co-author. They setout to tackle a difficult and controversial topic, and in so doing bring advanced programming principles to the much needed discipline of front-end engineering. Great stuff, but be prepare to be stretched!

1. JavaScript, The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan: It’s the only book on JavaScript that the venerable Doug Crockford is willing to endorse. What more do you need to know? If this book isn’t within arms reach at all times, you’re not worth your salt. (I’m also a fan of the pocket reference.)

  1. Jake Wilhorn Reply
    Very helpful, thanks.
  2. anon Reply
    You're right on number one. But I think Resig should be next. All good though!
  3. admin Reply
    @anon: I appreciate and understand your opinion, but again, I liked parts of John's book, but it didn't hold my attention. No doubt though it should be owned and read by all. Furthermore, I have high hopes for his next book/project: Secret's of Javascript Ninja. (I especially hope he spends a lot of time on unit testing---something I think is really neglected in current javascript literature.)
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